“The version of Sarah Richardson that I identify with most is the girl who runs!” 

 I think back to childhood running around the house with my brother, running track in HS, turning to 5ks with friends and eventually marathons to raise money for causes. Running has been a source of fun, a form of therapy and has been my travel companion around the globe. It’s no surprise that when an injury kept me from running it threw my life a curveball. I focused on my new marriage, a new job and as great as they were, the void was still there. Compound that with gaining 30 lbs and feeling lethargic, I started to really dislike the “new” me. I tried to start running again but my injury was not letting me go more than 2 miles. I was feeling so anxious I was put on medicine… I really needed my running therapy back! Can you relate? I was completely frustrated and disheartened by my experience and couldn’t imagine what the rest of my life would look like if I couldn’t fix this! Over the course of a couple of years, I learned a lot about running and about my own body. I turned my frustration into dedication, and my discontentment into education and action. I’m here today to tell you that you don’t have to settle for less or hang up your sneakers forever. You can learn how to get back into running, make it fun, exciting and fulfilling all while making your mind and body thank you for taking action.

If your truest version of you includes running and you just don’t know how to get it back into your life, you are in the right place and we’ve met for a reason.


Supported Action Creates Results.


It’s YOUR life.  Rise up and RUN with it!  

Let me help you Rise And Shine!




Road Runners Club of America:

  • Certified Adult Distance Running Coach
  • August 2016

Certified International Health Coach:

  • November 2015

Certified Chi Walking/Chi Running Instructor:

  • Chi Living: Asheville, NC
  • October 2015

Certified Holistic Health Coach:

  • Institute For Integrative Nutrition, NY
  • Accredited by SUNY Purchase, NY
  • June 2013

American Association of Drugless Practitioners:

  • Board Approved, USA
  • May 2013

Masters of Education, Special Education Teaching Certificate Program:

  • College of Saint Rose, NY
  • June 2002

Masters of Science, Environmental Education:

  • Lesley College, MA
  • Audubon Expedition Institute, ME
  • June 1999

Bachelors of Science, Sociology:

  • SUNY Stony Brook, NY
  • June 1997

Outstanding Educator Award:

  • Amsterdam, NY YMCA
  • Awarded 2007